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Dr Nathan Case is a space physicist whose research involves looking at how the Earth and its magnetic shield, known as the magnetosphere, are affected by the Sun – specifically by the plasma and magnetic field contained within the solar wind.

Nathan is currently employed at the University of Lancaster as a Senior Research Associate. His main area of research is looking at how electric and magnetic fields in the Earth’s magnetosphere evolve over time and how the varying solar wind affects these changes.

In addition to this, Nathan is extremely interested in the aurora (or northern/southern lights). Having previously worked as a member of the Aurorasaurus project at NASA Goddard, he has been involved in using citizen science data to further our understanding of the aurora and our ability to predict it. Nathan is now a member of the AuroraWatch UK project, run by the Space and Planetary Physics group at Lancaster, which uses real-time magnetometer data to alert residents of the British Isles as to when they might see an aurora.

Under the supervision of Professor Jim Wild, Nathan completed his Ph.D. in physics (space physics) at the University of Lancaster (where he also completed an undergraduate Master’s degree in Physics). During this time, his research was primarily focussed on investigating solar wind-magnetosphere interactions.

Please feel free to browse the rest of the site to find out more about Nathan’s research output, public engagement and outreach, and other hobbies.