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Betsy Mason from today published a story about how Aurorasaurus is using citizen science data to map the aurora. She and Nathan discussed the project via email and Nathan provided her with information about the project and an interesting new result:

“An interesting result is that, during our case study, around 60 percent of the reported sightings occurred equatorward (southward in the northern hemisphere, and northward in the southern hemisphere) of where our current best estimate predicted,” Case told me in an email.

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After speaking with Nathan about his recently accepted article Mapping Auroral Activity with Twitter and the Aurorasaurus project in general, Becky Oskin from has posted an article called Illuminating Tweets: Northern Lights Tracked via Twitter.

Monitoring tweets about auroras can provide accurate and timely alerts of when and where auroras are visible from the ground, said lead study author Nathan Case, a space weather scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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