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Nathan receives NASA Peer Award On August 25, 2015 Nathan received the NASA Heliophysics Peer Award. The award was presented to Nathan in recognition and appreciation of superior performance of a special act, service, or achievement.

Nathan was the recipient of the NASA Heliophysics Peer Award on August 25, 2015

conocer chicas de otros paises gratis Nathan was the recipient of the NASA Heliophysics Peer Award on August 25, 2015

j ai pu rencontrer traduction anglais The full text of the award is as follows: Nathan is a young PhD who has undertaken an unusual postdoc project and, through his innovation, has effectively opened up the analysis of citizen science aurora data for the space science community. He has submitted three first author papers in the past year (including a published GRL) and is working on a fourth. He has also been a co-author on numerous papers and presentations. He has worked with programmers, technical writers, educators, and human-computer interactions researchers, and is universally appreciated among a very diverse team. For these reasons, Nathan Case is presented with this 2015 Heliophysics Peer Award.

AuroraWatch UK App

over at this website After the past few years I have developed various apps for Windows and Windows Phone. One of these apps is for the AuroraWatch UK service, run by the SPEARS group at Lancaster University. A recent push by AuroraWatch about the apps appeared on the Lancaster University webpages: A future “Universal” version (which runs on PCs, tablets and phones) is in development but for now you can download the individual apps from the links below:  

this page windowsphonestore

site de rencontre reservГ© au gens beaux Update: after AuroraWatch UK posted on their Facebook page on the 17th Jan, I saw an amazing response in the number of downloads of the apps. On a normal day, the Windows Phone app is downloaded about 5 times. As you can see, it hit 356!

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This blog will contain posts Nathan has written on other sites (such as, updates on publications Nathan has authored, or press clippings from articles that Nathan (or his work) have appeared in. Some original posts about Nathan’s activities (such as outreach or public engagement) may also be posted.