How can I see the aurora or Northern Lights?

Nathan recorded the following clip for Lancaster University, and AuroraWatch UK, giving a few tips about how best to see the northern lights from the UK.

The tips include:

1 – Head north: the aurora will generally be visible on the northern horizon (in the northern hemisphere)
2 – Find an unobstructed view of the northern horizon: such as a hillside or a northward facing coast.
3 – Find dark skies: city light pollution will tend to be brighter than the aurora, especially when attempting to view by eye. Try seeking out local dark sky areas.
4 – Hope for clear skies: (this one is down to chance!) the aurora occur higher in altitude than clouds, so any clouds will obscure your view.
5 – Sign up to AuroraWatch UK for alerts of increased chance in auroral visibility from the UK.

Nathan also recorded a clip on “5 Surprising Facts about the Northern Lights” which you can watch below.